Swamp Stage Series TRS Cable - Balanced Silver / black

Swamp Stage Series TRS Cable - Balanced

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SWAMP Stage Series 1/4"(m) / 6.35mm Balanced TRS Cable

Quality Yongsheng jack connectors, and a balanced cable consisting of 0.22mm2 OFC copper conductors, encased in a full coverage braided ground shield. A strong but flexible cable, professionally shielded and terminated with industry standard jacks. Suitable for use on the road on in the studio.

Can a TRS Cable carry a Stereo signal?
Yes, a TRS cable can be used with both balanced audio signals and stereo audio signals. Being a twin conductor cable, it can carry 2 signals. Whether that be a balanced, or stereo depends on what output you connect the cable to. A headphone jack is an example of a stereo TRS output.


  • Conductor Cores: 28*0.10mm
  • Ground Shield: BRAIDED (0.12mm*6*16)
  • Conductor Gauge: 24AWG / 0.22mm2
  • Connectors: 1/4"(m) or 6.35mm TRS (Yongsheng YS228)

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