Swamp Pro-line Balanced XLR Mic Cable

Swamp Pro-line Balanced XLR Mic Cable

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SWAMP Pro-Line series balanced XLR microphone cable featuring premium quality Neutrik AG NC3FXX and NC3MXX connectors and a superior braided ground shield.

Compared to standard 'spiral wrapped' shielding, braided shielding gives much better coverage around the inner cores, improving the rejection of unwanted RF noise. The more robust shield style also means the cable is more durable and resistant to damage in high use environments. Having a greater shield coverage does mean braided cables are a little less flexible than regular spiral wrapped cables.

Neutrik XX connectors are the professional standard and offer unsurpassed quality. A tough black outer PVC jacket finishes off this top quality cable.


  • Conductor Cores: 2x (0.12*20)
  • Ground Core: BRAIDED (0.12*8*16)
  • Connectors: 3pin XLR (m) to XLR (f) - Neutrik AG NC3MXX, NC3FXX
  • Quality hand soldering workmanship
  • Cable Colour: Black

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