Swamp 6.5mm to 6.5mm Mono Guitar Lead 5m

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Constructed with SWAMP's latest braided ground shield guitar cable, providing excellent noise rejection and low handling noise, while still being flexible enough for stage use.

30 strands of 0.12mm2 copper are used to make up the conductor making this a thick 21AWG cable, allowing all of your guitar signal to pass through the cable to the amp unobstructed.

This cable is suitable for carrying Hi-Z (guitar) and Line Level signals between all guitars, guitar amplifiers, keyboards, other instruments and audio devices accepting 1/4" jacks.


  • Colour: Black

  • Cable Core: 0.12mm*30 (Conductor) + 0.12mm*16*6 (Braided Ground)

  • Conductor Gauge: 21AWG (0.34mm2)

  • Outer Diameter: 6.5mm

  • Connectors: 1/4"(m) or 6.35mm TS

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