Silver / Blue Neutrik NLT4FX Speaker NL4 Line Plug Metal

Neutrik NLT4FX Speakon NL4 Line Plug Metal

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4 pole female cable connector, nickel housing, chuck type strain relief

The speakON STX Series was especially designed for heavy duty amplifier-loudspeaker applications like professional touring. The extremely rugged and durable STX Series features an all metal housing.


  • Current rating 40 A continuous, 50 A audio signal with 50% duty cycle

  • Robust and durable all metal housing

  • Sealing ring provides weatherproof IP54 rating in mated condition

  • Reinforced metal quick lock system for ease and precise locking

  • Extra large solder contacts for up to 6 mm² (AWG 10) wires

  • Mate with all available speakON products

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