Neutrik NAUSB-W USB D Size P/Mount Silver

Neutrik NAUSB-W USB D Size P/Mount

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Reversible USB 2.0 gender changer (type A and B), Nickel D-housing

Due to the rising digitisation the interface problems between audio/video networks, IT equipment, MP3 camcorders, etc. increase. A rugged solution is needed.

Neutrik's reversible USB gender changer, mounted in the standardized D-shape housing, and the rugged patch cables solve this problem.


  • Ideal for audio networking and integration of computerbased equipment into audio systems

  • Dust and water resistant acc. to IP65 safety standard in combination with NKUSB-*

  • USB 2.0 gender changer type A-B (B-A)

  • Reversible insert offering type A or B on front or rear end

  • Universally accepted standard D-shape housing

  • Removable screen to chassis grounding

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