Redback A4410 Mixer Rack Mount

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Designed to meet the growing demands of PA systems utilising high power stereo amplifiers, it features 2 balanced microphone and 2 auxiliary inputs. Perfect for aerobics use, bars, bistros, sporting clubs. Two sets of tamper proof tone controls are provided; one for the microphone
inputs and one for the auxiliary inputs. Master volume is provided on the rear panel. Inputs: Each microphone input incorporates a 3 pin balanced XLR socket on the rear panel with phantom powering. An additional socket is provided on the front panel for input 1. Auxiliary inputs are stereo and use dual RCA sockets. A 3.5mm stereo jack socket is also provided for auxiliary input 1 on the front panel, suitable for the output of an MP3 player or similar. Outputs: RCA sockets are provided for left and right line level with 3 pin XLR sockets for left and right 600½ balanced outputs. Variable mute adjustment is provided for each microphone. This enables each microphone to partially or fully mute the auxiliary inputs as desired. Terminals are included to
interface a building fire alarm or evacuation system. When activated, a closing set of contacts will fully mute the auxiliary inputs. Microphones remain operative.


• 2 microphone inputs
• 2 line inputs
• Separate tone controls for line and microphones
• Stereo outputs
• 1RU 19” rack mount case
• Master volume on rear panel
• Adjustable line muting
• Front panel mount microphone and line input
10 year warranty

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