LSC MDRR 5way DMX Spitter Front view Black

LSC MDRR 5way DMX Splitter

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  • World’s first RDM field-upgradeable DMX splitter
  • Conforms to the latest DMX/RDM standards
  • Buy it now without RDM installed, don’t pay for something you don’t require. If you never need RDM, then you haven't wasted your money.
  • The most future-proof DMX512-A splitter available. Buy it now as a DMX512-A splitter with fully isolated outputs. Add RDM now, next week, next year or whenever you need to.
  • Internal 85-264V AC 45-65Hz universal power supply with UL approval
  • Optional hook clamp adapter
  • Safety wire attachment point on truss mount version
  • Fully opto/earth-isolated input and individually opto/earth-isolated outputs
  • Lightweight, high-strength moulded plastic case for the truss mount version
  • Sturdy, folded metal case for the rack mount version
  • RDM data direction indicator LEDs
  • RDM disable switch
  • Single RS422/EIA485 input suitable for DMX512-A compatible protocols
  • Integrated input termination switch with termination active LED
  • DMX thru connector allowing more MDR splitters to be cascaded
  • Five/ten EIA485 data outputs suitable for DMX512-A compatible protocols
  • Output XLR connector options of 5-pin or 3-pin
  • Output circuits are EMI-filtered and current-limited to protect against short circuits
  • LED indicators for DMX, power, DMX termination and DMX/RDM data activity
  • CE (European) and RCM (Australian) approved
  • Full two-year factory warranty
  • Designed and manufactured in Australia by LSC an Australian-owned company with over 30 years' experience in developing world-first DMX512 products


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